Protect and shield their young eyes with patented sunglasses by chiggy & n™.

"These glasses are eye protection at its best" - Dr. David Wertheim, allergist & clinical immunologist


* Sleek, fun and cool designs...your kid will feel #LikeABoss

* Made just for kids: they can tumble, run and play with a snug and adjustable fit

Protective sunglasses: for year-round wear. 

* Blocks 98% of eye allergens or irritants including pollen, dust, sand and debris

why chiggy & n



chiggy & n™sunglasses have additional protection to surround the entire eye.

Anywhere your kids may come into contact with airborne debris or dust that can irritate their eyes would be a great place to wear them.  For example, the beach or the park on a windy day.


just a little bit more info...

For kids ages 4-8

95-98% effective at blocking eye allergens such as pollen, sand, dust and dander

Sun Protection: UV 400

Adjustable, moldable rubber for a comfortable and secure fit

Nosepiece pads can be adjusted to contour of nose

Armpiece can be adjusted to fit comfortably and securely around the ear

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