the story of chiggy and n

One spring day, we took a family stroll in Central Park. The trees were blooming…but our 4-year old son was miserable — severely reacting to the pollen with red, swollen, itchy and watery eyes.

Since then, our son has suffered from allergies for almost five months out of the year. His eyes are the specific pain point. Our allergist recommended sunglasses but the pollen slipped easily through the sides, above, and below the frame - it was not effective.

Frustrated with the lack of options, we decided to develop a custom solution to protect our son’s eyes. When we showed our redesigned sunglasses to our allergist, he simply said "brilliant". chiggy & n™ was born.

—Deepika and Manish, Parents and Co-founders

"Our journey began when our eldest son developed eye allergies as a toddler."

-Deepika and Manish Chadha, Parents and Co-founders.